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Who is this for?

For Talent looking to match with jobs, make a plan for future and get the education you need for the work life you want.

Increase Your Income

For people who want a plan to reach their income goals.


For people who are just getting starting in the working world. You may not have paid job experience, but you have valuable skills to get the jobs you want. Getting ready to graduate from high school and want to know what kind of jobs fit you best? Try the Real World of Work Program.

Building Your Identity

Learn how to identify your marketable skills that companies want and build your skills, knowledge and experience.

Career Change

The job market changes fast and most of us want to change with it. As you experience new things, you also realize there are other areas of interest that you may want to do for work. Figure out how to re-skill or up-skill yourself to revamp your career.

Become An Expert

Are you a specialists in a specific area of expertise? Get matched with work and get the continuous education you need to master your skills.



A job board is a marketing platform, not a service or technology built with the job seeker in mind. Job boards can leave you feeling like you are applying for jobs over and over again, endlessly scrolling through jobs you don't even know are available or real, and feeling like your application went into a black hole.

Go through the pepelwerk Talent work app experience and learn the difference.


If you use a resume to apply for jobs you only get to focus on your past. What's worse is that if your resume doesn’t contain key words it won't be noticed. Leaving you to dump your resume anywhere just to get noticed.

Instead, match with opportunities you can realistically get based on your skills and abilities. Not just your experience. Your pepelwerk Talent profile let's you highlight the skills and job experience you have to get real jobs with companies hiring today. It also helps you build up your skills and knowledge to get the jobs in demand for the future.


Connecting resources and opportunities to you – not the other way around.

A better way to get hired for jobs with companies you want to work for


Follow the simple instructions. Get all the tools, resources and support you need to make informed decisions about your work-life.

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