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a modern approach to sourcing and re-skilling

Simple HR technology that allows your business to hire and develop people to meet your business and social impact goals.

Who is this for?

Companies who want simple, cost effective HR solutions to hire qualified, skilled, diverse candidates.

Hiring Is A People Driven Event

Offering a job is not a marketing or sales transaction.We're not a job board or data pool of resumes. We are a secure marketplace of authentic people looking to match with the real jobs from companies hiring now. We do everything from sourcing to offer so that you can hire the most qualified diverse skilled candidates.

Deliver A Better Hiring Experience

We're a modern solution to help your company transform HR.  This starts with offering one Hiring Hub to deliver the best pre-hire experience. We know that simple HR technology isn't just about using automation to improve the time it takes to get someone from offer to productivity, it's about making the experience easier for people to get work.

Simple HR Solutions

Companies looking to simplify  and reduce the amount of software vendors and consolidate sourcing services.

3 Simple Steps to Start Matching with Diverse, Qualified, Skilled Talent


Load a traditional job description and let us update them for you. Or, learn how to create a job profile with support from our job scientists. We want you to attract the right job seekers at the right time, with the right skills, natural abilities, and interests. We can also help you complete a skills-gap analysis to help you identity current employees with the skills you need for work as your job needs change.


After you swipe right, and your hire, re-hire or re-skilled talent complete their job offer, we can send their employee documents and HR profile information to your selected vendors and provide your API credentials to your existing HR management systems  or HR service delivery cloud platform or payroll vendors. We make integrating our pre-hire portal into your traditional systems easier and cost-effective.


We designed pepelwerk to help Human Resources focus on the people needs of the organization. Leveraging technology to create the most ideal pre-hire experience.


Talent Matching


Job Management


Skills Gap Analysis


Resource Planning


Vendor Management


HRIS API Zero Implementation

Learn how pepelwerk can help you start with HR transformation. Starting with changing how you post a job.

There are three ways to determine if using any of our tools and services are a good fit for what your company needs:
  1.  Complete qualifying survey
  2.  Complete cost comparison
  3.  Complete skills-gap analysis

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