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Career Coaching

Do more then talk about what to do. Make a career plan and use pepelwerk tools to make it a reality.

Make the most out of your work-life.

Why would I need a career coach?

The job market is tough. People choose to hire a career coach for a variety of reasons.

  • They need personal understanding of what kind of jobs they are best suited for
  • They are about to invest in education and need to know if it's worth it
  • They might need professional development at different stages of their career
  • They might just need someone to help them figure out a plan to make their life goals come true

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What makes pepelwerk career coaching different?

We make sense of the job market and create realistic career plans. We don't do fluff here. We actually measure results. We don't just talk about what you should do. We give you the tools to do it.

Our coaches, our process, our tools, our proprietary approach to connecting education to the job market all come together to provide pepelwerk the opportunity to give our Talent users and members who leverage our work-life planning services a unique and exclusive approach to career coaching that other's can't offer.

Getting our community of Talent members the work-life they want is our number one mission.

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How do you know if you need a career coach?

People of all ages benefit from career coaching at different stages of their work life. There are a variety of career coaches available and each coach and each company providing this service have a different style and approach.

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What is the difference between career coaching and career planning?

Career Coaching is typically a one-on-one conversation with you and another trusted professional for you to discuss how you behave and think about yourself and the connection to your work. Sometimes its just like a counseling conversation but focused on your work.

Career Planning is thoughtful and methodical way of connecting you to your work-life goals.

pepelwerk is a combination of the two. Our coaches have a minimum of 10 years corporate or career development experience. Our career planning is straight forward and practical.

how much is career coaching?

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At pepelwerk we want you to have a career that helps you reach your life goals.

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